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LUPITA'S story began in beautiful México City in our Abuelita's (grandma') kitchen more than 70 years ago.  Abuelita's love and passion for food began with daily trips to the local mercado (market) where delicious aromas and flavorful dishes were created for family and friends.

Oregano, cilantro, chorizo, and aguacate were the delicious ingredients that danced in her kitchen every afternoon and today make LUPITA'S kitchen share a piece of grandma's cuisine with you.  At LUPITA'S, simply close your eyes, and the rich aroma of authentic Mexican food blends perfectly with the echo of Spanish words bouncing in the air.

Tradition and beautiful memories re-connect our amazing customers to the delicious taste of Mexico that LUPITA'S is known for.  Using the finest and freshest ingredients, we hand-make every tortilla daily and proudly share with you our classic dishes from family recipes handed down from generation to generation.

It's no surprise that at LUPITA'S, great food, family, and tradition make our love for food a heart-felt celebration.

From our Grandma's kitchen to yours.   ¡ BUEN APETITO !

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